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Foot Reconstruction Specialist

Bailey Griffin, DPM -  - Podiatrist

Bailey Griffin, DPM

Podiatrist & Foot and Ankle Surgeon located in Humble, TX

When trauma, damage, and degeneration occur in your lower extremities, it can lead to a life-changing foot deformity. Conscientious podiatrist and expert foot and ankle surgeon Bailey Griffin, DPM, provides foot reconstruction surgeries, including Charcot reconstruction, to help restore and reconstruct your foot and ankle. Dr. Griffin has experience with many different types of foot and ankle injuries and uses the latest revolutionary technology and cutting-edge techniques to provide the best possible surgical experience and outcome to patients near Humble, Texas. Call or schedule your consultation online today.

Foot Reconstruction Q & A

What is Charcot foot?

Charcot foot is a condition involving the gradual weakening of the joints, bones, and soft tissues of your ankle and foot. Charcot foot is most commonly a complication of diabetes caused by nerve damage, known as peripheral neuropathy, and a loss of sensation in the foot.  Similar changes can be seen with other neurological disorders but diabetes is the most common.

Without adequate feeling in your foot, repetitive injuries, often a series of microtraumas, can go unnoticed. If Charcot foot progresses, the affected bones can become so weak they fracture, and joints can dislocate in your ankle or foot, leading to severe deformities.

Repetitive degeneration and trauma can collapse the joints in your foot and cause a painful deformity that inhibits functioning. Some deformities can lead to foot ulcers and sores, bone infections, and even amputation.

If you have Charcot foot, you might notice redness, swelling, and pain and soreness in your foot. You might also notice that your foot is warm to the touch.

What is foot reconstruction surgery?

Dr. Griffin performs reconstructive surgery of the foot and ankle to improve the functioning and aesthetics of your foot and prevent further breakdown and ulcerations. She provides reconstructive surgeries to assist wound healing or to prevent ulceration. There are a number of reconstructive foot surgeries available depending on the type and severity of the complication you have.

To restore and reconstruct your foot, Dr. Griffin is qualified in a range of treatments, including surgical debridement and the removal of infected bone and tissue, skin grafts, bone fusion, external fixation, joint implantation, skin or tissue repair, and tendon release procedures.

Dr. Griffin is a highly trained foot and ankle surgeon. She provides Charcot foot reconstruction to rectify Charcot foot when necessary. When the Charcot deformity is severe enough that surgery is necessary, the surgical options can include an ostectomy to remove bony prominence that could cause an ulcer or a realignment and fusion to correct the deformity.

What are the benefits of a foot reconstruction?

A foot reconstruction is the best treatment method in some cases and works to effectively reconstruct your foot and repair damage. Foot reconstruction surgery can offer many benefits, including:

  • Improved functioning and aesthetics
  • Strengthening bones and ligaments
  • Supporting your foot
  • Preventing further complications

Dr. Griffin can help you to decide if a foot reconstruction is the right course of treatment for you. Call or use online booking to schedule your consultation today.