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Wound Care Specialist

Bailey Griffin, DPM -  - Podiatrist

Bailey Griffin, DPM

Podiatrist & Foot and Ankle Surgeon located in Humble, TX

If wounds that aren’t healing are left untreated, it can lead to dire complications such as infection and amputation. Bailey Griffin, DPM, is an expert in wound care and provides efficient and effective podiatric care to prevent further complications from developing to ensure you heal quickly at her offices in Humble, Texas. From skin grafting to a total contact casting system, Dr. Griffin offers an array of proven treatment options for wound care. Call or schedule an appointment online today.

Wound Care Q & A

Why would I need wound care for my foot?

Dr. Griffin takes an all-encompassing approach to health care by not only treating the external complications but by providing education and support in a healthy diabetic lifestyle.

Wounds can have a variety of causes, and one of the primary causes of wounds and ulcers is diabetes and poor blood circulation.

Diabetes can affect your feet by leading to circulatory problems and nerve damage. Diabetics might develop a foot injury by stepping on an object, such as a pin, or from ill-fitting shoes that cause a blister to form.

These injuries can lead to a wound, and due to the decrease in circulation, the wounds are slow to heal. Having an open wound increases the chance of infection, and if you have diabetes, it generally decreases your ability to fight off infection.

How are foot wounds treated?

Since the right treatment depends on factors such as the size, blood flow, and the severity of your wound, Dr. Griffin offers a number of treatments for wounds and ulcers.  

Dr. Griffin uses the most advanced wound healing techniques, including weekly debridement, moist dressings, and total contact casting-- a cast system that shifts body weight off of the wound to allow healing. She might also recommend additional wound healing products and biologics, which are non-invasive allografts that are gently implanted into the wound to expedite healing and reduce scar tissue.  

Regardless of the type of wound you have, Dr. Griffin provides comprehensive exams and individualized treatment plans to determine the right course of treatment to heal the wound and prevent future wounds and complications from occurring.

Are there innovations in wound grafting?

Chronic wounds and wounds that fail to progress through the phases of wound healing as expected, may require additional interventions to enhance wound healing. There is significant research and consensus on the use of most standard interventions such as saline irrigation, whirlpool, weekly debridement and the previously- described concept of moist wound healing.

Dr. Griffin's goal will always be to treat the wound with the most appropriate treatment plan, that will allow the wound to close as fast as possible. The use of amniotic tissue would most likely be used in place of other advanced wound dressings including dermal substitutes in people with chronic wounds that are not healing at the expected rate, alongside standard interventions such as offloading.

Our goal is not only to heal the wound with growth of healthy tissue but to keep it closed indefinitely. Once your wound is healed, follow-up visits are scheduled to help reduce the risk of any future problems.

If you have an open wound on your ankle, leg, or foot, especially if you’re a diabetic, you should visit Bailey Griffin, DPM, as soon as possible for the appropriate treatment. Call or schedule an appointment online for attentive and customized care.